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latest news from Testronics

June 24th

Introducing the new SAS SUPER ISO 100/180 USB microbial samplers.


Directly derived from the SAS instrument used on the "International Space Station", the SAS Super ISO USB 100 and SAS Super ISO USB 180 have been specifically designed for pharmaceutical and hospital sectors. Portable and easily positioned, they operate with long life rechargeable batteries.

SAS Super ISO USB 100 and SAS Super ISO USB 180 are differentiated by differences in constant airflow (100l/min and 180l/min respectively); this choice depends on the application and allows continuous or sequential sampling from a few minutes to several hours.

Both models provide facilities for data management of different implemented sampling programmes.

The data can be stored on the SAS instrument itself or downloaded by means of the USB port.

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November 7th

UV and Visible Spectrophotometer Instruments

We are pleased to announce the offering of METERTECH INC. range of UV/Visible and Visible benchtop Spectrophotometers. METERTECH INC. Spectrophotometers provide accurate, reliable, and cost effective instruments designed for quality control, research, and teaching purposes.

We have been providing our customers’ with both onsite and workshop traceable calibrations using our NATA certified glass filter standards for both photometeric and wavelength accuracy determinations. With the above addition we can now offer viable replacement alternatives for consideration that are locally supported wrt spare parts, service, certification, analytical performance determinations, etc.

Feel welcome to contact us to see if we can assist with your Spectrophotometer instrumentation requirements.

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December 27th

On-site instrumentation Service

Testronics has been actively involved in providing on-site servicing and calibration of instrumentation as used within several food and pharmaceutical manufacturing sites in country Victoria for the past several years. A range of instrumentation has been contracted for the provision of on-site service, validation and calibration at regular intervals using certified instrumentation and traceable reference standards.

Ongoing support for our current customer's instrumentation is also provided for outside of these intervals via our staff and workshop facilities. A tailored & timely service plan that is cost effective with face to face interaction has provided successful and ongoing outcomes for all business partners concerned.

Feel welcome to contact us to see if we can assist with your instrumentation requirements.

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May 22nd

Incubator Service & Calibration

With many years’ experience servicing a range of laboratory Incubators and Stability Chambers, Testronics is offering on-site service and calibration to ensure analytical performance is maintained.

With our NATA Certified reference standards for measurement of Temperature, %RH and %CO2 we can confidently assess performance, troubleshoot impending issues and ensure proper analytical restoration. Many of our customers prefer an on-site visit as it negates the logistical problems in shipping/transportation of such sensitive, fragile, large and expensive equipment. Support is always available at our workshop for those times where a more involved restoration is required.

All service and calibration activities undertaken are documented and our customers provided with a service and calibration report for future reference.

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July 19th

Defence Contract Awarded to Testronics

Testronics has been awarded the contract for the manufacture and supply of specifically engineered cable assemblies to the Department of Defence Australia.

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