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DIGITEMP Universal Temperature Controller

A convenient "ready to go" instrument for use in controlling the temperature of many different applications when used with an appropriate heating element.

A standard temperature sensing probe and load/heater output socket are supplied to ensure fast integration into the application.

The digital programmable PID function controller is microprocessor based and maintains a high level of accuracy and control over the selected temperature range.

An inbuilt auto-tune feature makes setup for the specific application easier.

Easily distinguish between the set temperature and the current process temperature, simultaneously displayed, one red and the other green respectively.

Output Control is via a solid state relay providing reliable and reproducible operation unlike their mechanical relay counterparts


  • TT-200TTC/P/SSR; 0-350°C, 1.0°C resolution, type T input, SSR control output
  • TT-200KTC/P/SSR; 0-800°C, 1.0°C resolution, type K input, SSR control output
  • TT-200RTD/P/SSR; 0-200°C, 0.1°C resolution, 3 wire RTD input, SSR control output

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DIGITEMP Universal Temperature Controller